Sony unveils smaller, lighter PlayStation 3

This week the Tokyo Game Show is back, an event that usually offers at least a few unexpected treats in the way of gaming software and hardware. The first surprise comes from Sony with announcement of a smaller, lighter PlayStation 3.

Months ago the gaming community began rumbling about the rumors of a smaller PS3, but the summer came and went without the expected release that many had hoped for. But just in time for the holidays, Sony has dropped a new PS3 that is half the size and weight of the original, and will come in 250GB ($269) and 500GB ($299) configurations.

Moving away from the sharp lines of its predecessor, the new lozenge-shaped PS3 is all rounded edges and topped off by a ridged panel that harkens back to the old school consoles of the '80s (Atari 2600, anyone?). Interestingly, the new version of the PS3 will reach U.S. gamers on September 25th, almost two weeks before Japanese consumers.

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