Some cool tech news: A refrigerator without a door

Though it might mean the end of refrigerator magnets as we know them, a student at Massey University has created a concept for a refrigerator that doesn't have a door. In addition, it doesn't refrigerate when it's empty (or in the places where it's empty, which will make more sense in a moment). It's cleverly energy efficient and up for the International Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award.

Instead of the classic box-with-a-door setup, his version is a wall of hexagonal pins, similar to the pin art toy you might remember from your childhood. The hexagonal pins allow you to shove an item into the "wall," such as a canned drink or a dish. They move aside until it fits, and then (and only then) do they begin refrigerating that particular area. Since it's flat and on a wall, you can see everything you have in the fridge on one glance. This could help reduce food waste and definitely helps reduce energy waste.

Ben de la Roche invented the refrigerator and will be presenting it to a panel of judges on Oct. 25 in Milan, Italy.

Via The New Zealand Herald

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