Smarter Socks empower your socks to stay organized

"Smarter Socks" is a system so detailed it will empower your socks to virtually organize themselves by tracking and recording their activity through RFID chips, a scanner and an iPhone app. Why? Because lost socks is serious business as countless hours could be lost trying to find that straggler or match up look-a-likes.

Samy Liechti of Blacksocks, has created the perfect system to keep your socks well documented throughout their life cycle. By tagging each sock with an RFID chip, whenever each sock is scanned, the iPhone app can display a detailed history starting with its individual ID number. From there you can determine how many times you've scanned the sock and how many times it has been washed.

Digging even deeper into the helpful data, you can find out which sock each one is partnered with, and distinguish between the right or left of the pair. To keep track of potential wear and tear you can also record the date it was purchased.

With this level of high technical information surrounding each sock, it's unthinkable that one might go missing, but in the event that one does stray from the digitally processed herd, you can update the information in your app to show that the pair is no longer in service.

Quality socks — especially those with a lockdown RFID system — don't come cheap. The Smarter Socks will cost $189 for a ten pack of socks and the scanner.

Blacksocks, via Ubergizmo

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