Morphing 'Smart' towel comes with handy smartphone pocket

Berlin, Germany — Okay, I admit it. I stopped at this booth at the IFA electronics show because there was a woman wearing nothing but a towel in front of it. Yet I'm writing about this Kanguru Smartowel ($20, coming soon) because it's just quirky enough to interest us. It transforms.

It's a towel that you wear like a toga if you're a guy and want to feel like a Roman god (although I doubt Apollo has my expanding paunch) or like a tunic if you're a woman (at least these are the gender styles suggested by the maker, an Italian company called Lavatelli).

Inside the front fold of either the red or blue version, however — and I guess this is what makes Smartowel "smart" or qualify as a device — is a pocket in which you can stow your smartphone while you're drying off or lounging or whatever.

Wait — a towel you can wear like clothes with a pocket? Isn't that called a bathrobe?

So anyway, I saw this cute blonde wearing a towel in this booth at IFA...

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