Printrbot: The cheap and simple 3D printer for the rest of us

Although 3D printing efforts from the likes of MakerBot are making headway, such machines are still far from mainstream. Hoping spur more adoption of 3D printing, one inventor came up with a quick and cheap solution anyone can put together in just a couple of hours.

The Printrbot is made for those who want to begin dabbling in the world of 3D printing, but prefer a simple and more affordable solution to get them started. According to its creator, Brook Drumm, the simplicity of the device's construction allows it to be assembled in just 45 minutes, and you'll be printing actual models in two hours. Essentially, this kit opens the world of 3D printing to those on a budget, without the technical skill to create their own solution.

Drumm started the project on Kickstarter asking for $25,000 in funding, but eventually racked up $830,000 worth of interest. While his cheapest models were Kickstarter-only, Drumm still sells a $549 introductory printer and a larger printer for $699. There's also a limited-run, $399 "junior" printer available.

There are two big differences between the Printrbot and something like the Replicator 2 — build area and resolution. MakerBot's Replicator 2 is considerably larger and prints finer models, and it's also designed to sit on a desktop in a home, whereas these Printrbot's are still very much a tinkerer's delight.

You can see the Printrbot in action in the video below.

Via Printrbot

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