12 mobile living concepts for a post-apocalyptic future

So you wake up one day, turn on the TV… and it doesn't work. Fine. You grab your smartphone next — no service. Odd. You dig out the ol' reliable crank radio from your disaster-preparedness kit (you do have one of those don't you?), and that's when you find out: someone's finally gone and pressed the big red button. The world as you know it is gone, and the grid has gone with it. The last radio reports you hear, before they're cut off, are of roving bands of bandits heading into the cities to loot, pillage and generally cause a ruckus. Awesome. You live in the city.

Your best bet on survival is to get moving, and to keep it that way. Never fear, chums: DVICE has you covered. Here are 12 mobile living concepts for your fabulous new nomadic lifestyle. It should go without saying that all the concepts below should be outfitted with spikes, battering rams, chainsaw hubcaps and hood-mounted machine guns asap.

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