Shapeshifting bike adjusts to suit the terrain you're riding on

We see crazy new bike designs all the time, but when a big name bike manufacturer like Cannondale is behind it, people tend to sit up and take notice. The Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle, or CERV, is a concept that rethinks the basic bike layout, allowing it to adjust to suit the road conditions.

To give the rider the perfect posture, the CERV's seat raises up and the handle bars move forward for pedaling power when climbing uphill, then move in the opposite directions for maximum aerodynamic performance on downhill rides.

To get the required degree of seat and handlebar movement, a traditional fork steering the front wheel wasn't possible. The solution is a tricky steering mechanism turns the wheel with a linkage embedded in the frame.

Created by Priority Designs in California to a design brief from Cannondale, the CERV was exhibited at the EuroBike 2012 show in Germany last month. No word on how well it rides.

Priority Designs, via Gizmodo

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