Pope gets electric vehicle, but won't replace the ol' Popemobile

Eco-friendly Pope Benedict XVI is one lucky guy. This week he received a fully customized white Kangoo — Renault's electric car — as a gift from the French automaker. While it won't replace the official "Popemobile," it is likely to serve as his personal car at his summer residence. Nice!

The Pope has made no secret that he's concerned about the environment and has sought to make an example in his little corner of the world. Renault's Kangoo isn't the first electric vehicle in the Pope's world, with an EV donated by Italian auto maker NWG also parking at the Vatican. There's no word which car the Pope prefers or whether he's just happy to embrace electric vehicles as an example for his flock.

Many may not know that although the Pope's official name is Pope Benedict XVI, he is also known as the "Green Pope." He's proven he's willing to take steps to embrace his environmental consciousness by installing solar panels on the Vatican's main auditorium and a solar cooling unit for the cafeteria.

Of course we are all awaiting news on what will happen with the "Holy Grail" of vehicles — the Popemobile. Probably one of the world's most recognized, and secure vehicles, it's not likely the Pope will be able to give up on this ultra-safe icon anytime soon, although he's expressed interest in making that car/mobile green as well. Mercedes, who makes the Popemobile has heard the call loud and clear and is reportedly working on a hybrid model that when complete should fit right in with the "Green Pope's" environmentally friendly mini-fleet.

Tecca, via Yahoo

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