Traffic lights rigged to play Pong make waiting into a game

We've all been there, whacking that button that promises to change the traffic light in our favor so we can cross. So why not channel some of that "energy" into playing Pong instead?

That's what a bunch of guys from Germany thought, too, when they combined Pong with traffic warning lights. After all, Pong is one of those games that's universally accessible like Tetris, addictive and a great way to pass time. So after the sign warns you not to cross, you can engage in some feisty Pong action with a fellow pedestrian on the other side of the street.

When the light changes, the traffic light signals you that it's okay to cross.

Should these great little traffic warning light signs ever make it to my neighborhood, I only see a few downsides, such as the lines forming to play the game, and that awkward moment when you do cross the street and you lock eyes with your former opponent.

When that day comes we'll just have remember: Pong is a civil game, people.

Via IncredibleThings

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