Designer shows off one-handed condom wrapper

Nothing can kill an intimate moment quite like trying to extract a condom from its seemingly impenetrable wrapper. By the time you get the darn thing out, that moment of passion could soon be over. To solve the problem, designer Ben Pawle has created a new type of wrapper that lets you get the slippery rubber sheath out using just one hand.

The One-Handed Condom Wrapper has a perforated seam, which easily parts when you slide your thumb along the face of the packet. The condom then falls neatly into your hand, ready for use.

Ben's design wasn't inspired by some embarrassing personal encounter, but is actually the result of a study at the Glasgow School of Art, looking into ways to make life easier for disabled people.

Ben's prototype will be exhibited during the London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Check out the video to see the One-Handed Condom Wrapper in action.

Ben Pawle, via Core 77

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