Now you can make watermelons explode with your brain

Thanks to an EEG headset and a compressed air cannon, destroying things with your brain just got a whole lot easier.

LVL1, a hackerspace in Louisville Kentucky, has designed this rig that fulfills the fantasies of every disgruntled person ever: by looking at something (in this case, an unlucky watermelon) and concentrating hard enough, to can blow it into bite-size chunks.

No genetic tinkering or use of the Force is required, just a hacked up Star Wars Force Trainer (which reads brainwaves, sort of) that controls a CO2 cannon jammed up the wazoo of a watermelon. Concentrate hard enough, and the headset will sense the power of your will and signal the cannon to fire, turning the watermelon (which, for the record, didn't ever do anything to you) into a tasty pulp.

Instructions to build your own "Mind over Melon" brain explodey device will be available soon on the LVL1 wiki, but until it's ready, just watch the video below over and over while repeating "no power in the 'verse can stop me."

LVL1, via Gizmag

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