Move aside modern dentists: 6,500-year-old filling found

Beeswax is used for an increasingly large number of things, but it turns out that's nothing new. Neither is dentistry. Researchers found a 6,500-year-old human tooth that had a filling. Yep, even our ancestors feared the dentist, who used beeswax to create the filling.

The tooth and jaw were found more than 100 years ago in Slovenia, and have been studied by researchers in Italy, who believe the beeswax was inserted around the time of the person's death. Their presumption is that it was meant to reduce pain from a vertical crack in the enamel.

Said Dr Federico Bernardini, one of the researchers on the project: "This finding is perhaps the most ancient evidence of pre-historic dentistry in Europe and the earliest known direct example of therapeutic-palliative dental filling so far."

This is the earliest known filling to date.

Via Daily Mail

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