Liligers, tiglons, beefalo and 7 other hybrid animals that actually exist

This cute little creature is very likely the only liliger in the universe. Her name is Kiara, and she was born last week at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia. Kiara's dad is a lion, but her mom is a liger — a hybrid cross between a lion and a tiger that's bred for (among other things) its skills in magic.

You won't find ligers in the wild, but they do exist, as do the rest of the animals in this gallery.

Hybrid animals don't often occur in the wild for several reasons, the primary one being that different species of animals don't generally try to mate with one another. We humans are not above meddling in interspecies sexuality, though, and we can make it work in the lab and in captivity, both of which we've done a bunch of times. Sometimes it's to try and mix traits of different species of animals to create a hybrid with the best traits of both, but other times it's just because it seems like it would be pretty cool.

The gallery below has a bunch of different animal hybrids in it, some of which you're probably familiar with, an some of with you probably aren't. There are lots more where these came from, but here are a few of our favorites.

Via NatGeo

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