Modular music set lets you mutate the DNA of synth instruments

Imagine you had a set of Lego blocks that allowed you to create never-ending combinations of shapes that functioned as musical instruments. That's exactly the vision one electronics designer had when he created the amazing Molecule Synth.

Inventor Travis Feldman designed the Molecule Synth using hexagonal shapes that can be connected to created electronic instruments that can be controlled via photo sensors (just a wave of the hand), pressure sensors, flex and joystick controllers, and even through another MIDI device. Although the device looks pretty complicated, and definitely offers high functionality for serious musicians, Feldman created it with the hopes that it might also attract the attention of children looking for a creative outlet.

Depending on the configuration, the set-up can be purchased for $250 to $300. You can see the Molecule Synth in action in the video below.

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