Laser lanes device lets you make your own bike path

With more people choosing to ride bikes for their commute, more and more safety features for cyclists are hitting the streets as well. The latest device that has surfaced is created with powerful LED lights and two red lasers to create a highly visible instant bike lane, alerting motorists on how to safely navigate around them.

The XFire Bike Lane safety light contains a flashing light made of five red LEDs, similar to what many cyclists already attach to the backs of their bikes. In this case, the light is also equipped with two red lasers, which are angled so that an incredibly bright bike lane is created around the wearer, creating a recognizable buffer zone between motorist and cyclist.

The laser lane, visible from a mile away, is perfect for darker routes without streetlights, where reflective gear may not be enough to warn approaching motorists. It's even visible where there are streetlights, so motorists can judge just how close of a buffer zone they have between themselves and a rider.

It operates with two AAA batteries and has a polycarbonate cover that keeps it weather and shock proof, and comes with a universal attachment bracket.

Available for sale now on the XFire site for $39.99, it also has an FDA patent pending.

XFire, via PFSK

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