Internet win: 404 pages used for child alerts

It's always a drag when we get a 404 page delivering the bad news that a page we want "wasn't found." A new initiative is seizing on both the meaning of "wasn't found" and the valuable real estate those pages could provide to profile children who have gone missing.

The NotFound Project out of Europe places child alerts on participating websites. Websites that want to participate simply install a module that converts their existing 404 pages into the missing child alerts from a constantly updated database.

The project is run by Missing Children Europe along with Child Focus, and currently only profiles missing children in the European Union.

Imagine if the project were to go global? We'd get the strength of millions of Internet users crowdsourced to potentially turn an Internet annoyance into a very powerful search tool.

Seems like a win-win.

The NotFound Project, via Laughing Squid

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