Help restore the bridge of the Enterprise-D

The original Enterprise-D bridge (the one that you enjoyed for all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation) was completely destroyed during the filming of Star Trek: Generations. The replacement bridge was later tossed into an alley by Paramount, but devoted fans have salvaged it and want to fix it up, with your help.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is obviously the best and most important science fiction television show ever made. Ever. Obviously. This is a fact that nobody could possibly disagree with. As such, it has a timeless quality that makes us wonder why the heck Paramount would take the reconstructed bridge set and just leave it outside in a back lot to disintegrate. Fortunately, somebody noticed, and Paramount has agreed to let the New Starship Foundation take over everything and fix it up, good as new, for you to experience yourself.

From the look of things, the NSF has a lot of work to do. I mean, it's remarkable the some of this stuff as survived at all, but still:


Yeah, it's a mess. But NSF doesn't seem worried: they've got a soundstage in Los Angeles all ready to house the project, and when completed, it'll be even better than the original, with networked interactive displays instead of just backlit plexiglass panels. To make it all work, the foundation is looking for $240,000 on Indegogo, with perks like t-shirts, replica isolinear chips, and set visits. The most exciting reward is definitely the "romance for two on the bridge" which includes "complete privacy until the next morning," allowing you and your partner to do some serious Engaging and Making It So.

Indiegogo, via Blastr

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