Hasselblad's new camera has beauty that's only skin deep

Sweden's Hasselblad already makes some of the most drool-worthy digital cameras in the world, so when it decided to slum it and introduce a relatively ordinary mirrorless APS-C camera, it turned to Sony for inspiration.

Taking a page out of Leica's play book, the new Hasselblad takes a pre-existing design and slaps a fancy nameplate onto the body. Only instead of teaming up with Panasonic as Leica did, Hasselblad decided to go with Sony. As it turns out, the Hasselblad Lunar isn't just inspired by Sony's NEX-7, it actually is a Sony NEX-7 hiding under a fancy wrapper.

If you ever wondered what the cost of a fancy nameplate is, we now have an answer. Sony's NEX-7 may run a wallet-busting $1,100, but the Hasselblad version will be almost six times that price at $6,500. That's a lot of money just to join the Hasselblad owner's club.

You do, however, get more than just Hasselblad bragging rights for the extra $5,400, because unlike the Sony, the Lunar will feature hand grips and various parts made from wood, leather, titanium, carbon fiber and other exotic materials. These will be used in different combinations to create 47 separate limited editions. Given the price and number of permutations, I think you can rest assured that there won't be someone else with one exactly like yours down at the country club.

The Hasselblad Lunar is being premiered this week at the Photokina event in Germany.

Via Peta Pixel

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