GPS shoes use toe-mounted LEDs to point you home

Although we'd never encourage overindulging in the drinking of fine spirits, it is curious that more tech hasn't been devised to help out the hardcore partiers among us. Now, one designer has come up with a solution that could help the inebriated get home via shoe-based GPS.

Officially dubbed the No Place Like Home shoes, the GPS kicks are part of British designer Dominic Wilcox's new art exhibit in England. With a programmable GPS receiver in the heel, the left shoe's circular LEDs indicate which direction you should walk, while the right shoe's straight line of LEDs tells you how close you are to your destination.

This simple GPS tracking implementation could actually point the way toward more mundane, but nevertheless useful, applications for such wearable technology (e.g. lost children, hikers, etc.). If you're in the London area anytime soon, the shoes are on exhibit until September 26 at the KK Outlet gallery.

Via Inhabitat

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