Google celebrates 100th birthday of robot cat from the future

Japan's obsession with robots began a long time ago, but one of its most popular mechanical icons, Doraemon, just celebrated its fictional 100th birthday. The occasion has prompted Google to recognize the robotic character's popularity in an interesting way.

The robot's origin story says that it came from the 22nd century, arriving in 1969 Japan to change the history of a local family. In conjunction with Doraemon's birthday, Japan's Kawasaki city, the home of its creator Fujiko Fujio, just made the character an official resident, listing its birthday as Sept. 3, 2112.

One of the things that has driven Doraemon's popularity are the made-up gadgets it made famous decades ago, including a head-mounted helicopter, an invisibility cloak and a transporter device (the "dokodemo door"). To pay tribute to the character's staying power, and the technological prescience of its creator, Google created a video showing how some of Doraemon's inventions have, in some ways, become a reality.

The video is not only a salute to the advancements of technology, but it's also a touching tribute to a robot character loved throughout Asia. Google also makes sure to get in a cameo of an Android phone at the end, implying that your Android phone could serve as your own Doraemon-style robot assistant. You can check out Google's tribute in the video below.

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