Video proof that a sonic screwdriver can gesture-control a TV

I'm not a big Doctor Who fan. Yes, I said it. I like other British TV shows that Americans don't seem to get (like Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances), but not Doctor Who. At all. So this post about a gesture remote will be only about the remote and not about the TV show. You've been warned.

Apparently, what we're looking at is a TV remote control that's been fashioned in the shape of a "sonic screwdriver," an item with no basis in reality that is capable of performing absolutely any action that the plot of a certain TV show might require, sort of like the way "subspace anomalies" work in Star Trek except not at all clever. Here in real life, this thing operates as a TV remote that uses gestures instead of buttons: you can program it from your existing remotes in learning mode, and then wave it around in different ways to control your TV.


It's $100 from ThinkGeek, and at least one former DVICE editor thinks it's pretty cool. I think he's bonkers and probably some sort of closet weirdo, but then, I think the same thing about most fans of Doctor Who, so it probably says more about me than about him.

ThinkGeek, via Mashable

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