Fox to release movies as digital downloads first

In the past few years, the way we've watched movies has drastically changed. Sure, there's still theaters and DVDs, but now people download them from torrent sites, iTunes and a variety of other places. Fox has decided to take things into its own hands.

The network has decided to release movie downloads several weeks before those films arrive on disc and video-on-demand. And it's using a major motion picture to kick it off: Ridley Scott's big Alien prequel, Prometheus.

It'll come out via the UltraViolet cloud movie service on September 18 in the United States. Those getting the film on DVD or Blu-ray will have to wait until October 11.

In the United States, digital movie sales are a good bit lower than physical disc sales, but there's no denying the former's growing popularity.

But it's a strong step in a direction I, at least, presume we're heading: all our movies being downloaded from the cloud.

We'll see.

Via Hardwire

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