Get the weather report printed on your morning toast

Competition for the most interesting toaster is tight these days. They can look inexplicable — like a defibrillator. Or, they can entertain, like one that launches your toast onto your plate. We could go on, but instead here's a toaster concept that might actually do something useful: printing a disposable weather report on your morning slice.

The Jamy toaster concept created by Nathan Brunstein would use built in Wi-Fi to find out what the weather is as you drop something in. When toasted, up pops what must be the most informative bread on the block, with an indication of sunny or rainy skies and the temperature.

After reading the report, feel free to lather up your slice with jam or butter and head confidently to your closet to choose your outfit. You'll feel all warm inside being well fed and informed.

No clue if Brunstein plan to make his concept come to life. If he does plan to launch the concept, how about adding in a newspaper headline? Hey, as long as toast is veering into the information business he might as well milk it!

Legrandours, via DesignTaxi

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