First film shot using Google Glass debuts on YouTube

Earlier this week we gave you a look at the debut of Google Glass on the fashion runway. Today, Google posted the very first short film shot with the device, and the results are far more impressive than expected.

The first look we had at the extended video capabilities of Google Glass was during the skydiving stunt during Google I/O back in June. Although exciting, the video wasn't particularly crisp or stable, leading some to opine that Google Glass had some way to go before it might be ready for mainstream use.

But in this short film titled "DVF Through Glass," the images are not only more stabilized, but the image quality appears to be significantly improved. Taking us from designer Diane von Furstenberg's private moments before traveling to the show, to the behind-the-scenes preparation backstage, Glass offers a tantalizing glimpse at what Google's cutting-edge device will deliver once it becomes fully commercialized.

Although some of the heavily edited footage appears to be shot using traditional cameras, Google claims that "all" the footage shown was shot using Google Glass. You can check out "DVF Through Glass" in the video below.

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