Finally, a watch that marries fashion and Bluetooth

There are a number of Bluetooth watches floating around out there, but not many can be worn by a fashion-conscious fellow. Granted, fashion is a fairly subjective thing, but take a look at the watch linked prior. Not cutting it at a business meeting.

But the Eco-Drive Proximity watch, created by Citizen, mixes fashion and Bluetooth. The analogue, steel watch is a beautiful piece that doesn't look, at first glance, like anything high-tech.

Nonetheless, it can synch up to an iPhone 4S or anything that runs Bluetooth 4.0. If you miss a call or get a message, one of the hands on the small dial on the face of the watch will point to a word on the dial which indicates what has happened on your phone.

Thus, no flashing indicators or intrusive lights.

It's even got a search mode that can help you find the phone if it gets lost in the house. It's about $550, which might be a little more than most watches. But those don't let you know when you have a message.

Via Engadget

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