Facebook now saves your search history! Rejoice!

It's been said before, but remember how easy Facebook used to be? No photos, no status updates. Just a solid wall that anyone could manipulate. The term "Facebook stalking" wouldn't have even made sense. Well, now, it doesn't only make sense but Facebook is determined to not let you forget who you've stalked. Your profile now saves your search history.

Why anyone would ever want his or her search history on Facebook to be saved is completely beyond me, but there must be some demand for it, because Facebook never does anything that its users wouldn't like. Right?

It'll appear alongside Likes, comments and wall posts in your Activity Log, but it began compiling this database yesterday. So whoever you were stalking last year is lost to the digital gloaming. Sorry!

You can still delete your searches. You know, if you're vigilant and all.

So, have fun with all that!

Via The Verge

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