Eton Boost Turbine charger: the perfect desert island accessory

Berlin, Germany — If Tom Hanks really had crashed on that deserted island, the odds are really good that many of those FedEx boxes would have contained some gadgets. But those found gadgets would have been as useless as Wilson without this handy Eton Boost Turbine Charger.

You see, you crank the handle to fill its internal battery with electric juice, then you or Hanks could charge any small USB device like a smartphone, which would be handy to call for a rescue (although the odds of you being within range of a cell tower in the middle of the Pacific Ocean aren't great).

And you really have to crank — a minute or arm-wearing cranking gets you 30 seconds of cell call time. But you're on a desert island, for cryin' out loud. What else have you got to do other than make fire, catch some fish and use an ice skate blade as a cocoanut cutter and a tooth extractor.

But seriously folks, this DIY charger is a perfect blackout or other emergency power option, and, yes, it can be recharged the old fashioned way via AC. It'll be available October 1 for $59.99 for the 2000 mAh version (enough to completely charge an iPhone) and $49.99 for the 1000 mAh edition, which can charge an iPhone a little more than half way.

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