Epic kitchen win: waterless dishwasher doubles as your cabinets

This kitchen concept washes the dishes and eliminates the need to put them away, as the overhead innovation serves as both a dishwasher and a cabinet. Plus, it works without water. Consider us interested.

The DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher takes out a bunch of steps in the usual wash-the-dishes-and-put-them-away model. The appliance sits above the counter like any other cabinet and only requires you to load the dirty dishes. Once the cleaning cycle is done, they're already stored away. Boom! You're done.

It's a dual-sided cabinet so should you be dining alone you can use just one half — saving on power and detergent. Playing Julia Child? You use both sides.

Perhaps an even more unusual innovation is that this dishwasher concept uses no water. The designers have chosen a carbon dioxide based cleansing solution, recognizing water shortages may be a very real part of our global future. When activated, the machine pumps supercritical carbon dioxide (liquid CO2) into the cleaning chamber. In its fluid state, carbon dioxide has a very low surface tension that means it spreads out and covers a surface, rather than forming drops like water.

The carbon dioxide flows around the machine in the washing cycle, cleaning the items inside. Should there be solid particles, the supercritical carbon dioxide is returned to carbon dioxide's gas phase, and forces and stubborn particles into the filter. When full, you just remove the filter and clean it.

This dishwasher ticks a lot of boxes — time saving, space saving and good for the environment. While a concept now, it isn't hard to imagine a demand for this multipurpose device in densely packed urban centers. We'll keep our eye out for them.

The DualWash comes from designers Halit Sancar, Gökçe Altun, Pinar Şimşek and Nagihan Tuna.

Tuvie, via Trendhunter

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