Gallery: Digital waste turns into bright, tiny cities inside glass tables

One man is making a dent in the mountain of digital waste by recycling everything from circuit boards to digital picture frames to make coffee tables. Only they aren't just tables — toss in some railroad figures and fairy lights and you've got a bustling metropolis encased in acrylic or glass.

Benjamin Yates is the man behind the artsy tables that practically demand you take a second look to make sure you've taken in the tiny details. He calls them Electri-Cities.

Yates aims to use as much of the discarded items as he can, turning outer casings from computers into buildings, and using screws to anchor items to the little landscapes.

Sometimes Yates gets lucky and finds parts that still work, such as a CD player or speaker. A particularly choice find was a working digital picture frame that has been turned into a giant billboard reminiscent of a scene from Blade Runner.

Check out the amazing detail in these recycled tiny towns.

Benjamin Yates, via WonderHowTo, via Technabob

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