Countertop gadget eats your leftovers to feed your plants

The Re-Feed device could easily pass for a concept coffee maker, except what it makes is plant food: it liquefies your leftovers and pumps it directly into your flowerpots, all while sitting on your countertop.

Operation couldn't be easier. Users drop in organic scraps such as leftovers, banana peels and the like. Then a battery-powered blade chops up the mix and it is left to compost. After that, simply add water and voilá — you've got some kick-ass liquid plant food.

The resulting sludge sustains your plants courtesy of a tube attached to the Re-Feed that fits directly into a special pot with a hole in it so the nutrients get directly to the roots of your plants. Not a green thumb? The gadget can be programmed for a feeding in case you forget.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the tiny problem of smell. Composting is just a fancy word for decay — and let's face it — you may not love your plants that much. The Re-Feed's plastic casing has been treated with an odor absorbing compound to mitigate the smell in while it does it's thing.

The Re-Feed is a student concept by Fanny Nilsson and she's counting on the potential users to be sold on the idea of being able nurture their plants to top any distaste over smell.

Whether or not the concept gadget will make it to commercial production is not known. There is a strong impetus for it in some areas of the country — such as San Francisco where urban composting has become law.

Who knows? If urban composting takes off, whether by law or people's love for their plants, perhaps further tweaking could be done to amp up the technology to deal with the pesky smell issue.

Fanny Nilssen, via FastCoDesign

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