Car with built-in projector turns any wall into a drive-in theater

These days, drive-in movie theaters are mostly just a nostalgic memory, but this car with its own video projection system lets you bring the theater with you wherever you go. All you need to add is a flat wall and some popcorn.

The Smart ForStars sport utility coupe uses the same electric drive train as the new Smart BRABUS electric car, with a 60-kW electric motor to zip you around town.

The big difference with the ForStars concept is that it's ready to turn into your own personal rolling theater at a moment's notice. Simply pull up to a handy flat wall on the side of a building or in a garage, and then fire up the hood-mounted video projector. The car connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to play stored movies, and it uses the car's powerful audio system for the sound.

While the two seat Smart suggests a more intimate movie experience, I'm sure you could have some friends park their cars near yours if you want to make it into more of a drive-in party.

The Smart ForStars concept is currently on display at the Paris Auto Show.

Daimler press release, via SlashGear

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