Car seat beer caddy keeps your brews safer than your kids

Anybody who buys beer directly from a microbrewery knows that it often comes in a big fat half gallon bottle called a growler. But how do you get those precious bottles home without risking them smashing into each other? You give them their own car seat, of course, that straps them right in just like a baby carrier.

The Growler On Board Beer Transport Unit (BTU) babies your brews with its soft foam construction, which also helps to keep the beer from becoming overheated on the trip home. Just like any infant car carrier, the BTU is designed to keep the car's seatbelt in position, so that in the unfortunate event of a crash your beer will be held safely in place.

The only problem I see with this is that cops tend to take a dim view of people who drive with a gallon and a half of beer secured within easy reach of the driver's seat. On the other hand, if you do have an accident there shouldn't be a half gallon of spilled beer from a broken bottle that they can then point their fingers at.

The Growler On Beard BTU is available now for about $30. At that price, I suppose you would be telling the world that you take your beer drinking pretty seriously.

Growler On Board, via Gizmodo

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