Athletes often perceive time more slowly than others

Humans and flies experience time in different ways. The perception of time is uneven amongst different species, and it turns out that it might be uneven among different people, too, especially during sporting events. A new study shows that time can slow down for athletes at certain points throughout a game.

Those points come right before an action takes place. More specifically, we'll look at baseball. It's fairly amazing to consider that a batter can hit a small ball moving at around 100 miles per hour. Yet, batters can and do fairly often.

It's helpful that, for athletes, the perception of time slows down while the ball is hurtling toward the plate. It does this because the brain begins processing information in a new way. There's a great deal of information that needs to be processed in that moment: where the ball is, where the ball will be, where the bat needs to be, at what angle and at what precise moment, and so on.

With this burst of new information to be processed, the brain activity increases and time seems to slow down.

So if you want life to feel longer, hitting some tennis balls is a great way to do it.

BBC News, via Discovery

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