Aquarium bed is a very fishy way to get some sleep

If you're the type who likes to sleep with the fishes, you could go stay in that underwater hotel for a few days, or you could do it every night with this giant aquarium headboard.

The Aquarium Bed from Acrylic Tank Manufacturers holds 650 gallons over your head, so I guess you would want to be pretty confident that the tank isn't going to spring a leak when you get busy in bed. They've even integrated a pair of end table lights inside the water, but it's not clear whether they actually work.

Hopefully there's also some way to darken the tank lights and stop the pumps from gurgling too loudly, otherwise getting some rest could be difficult. Although at $11,500, I'm sure any potential customers could afford to come up with their own high tech solution.

The Fancy, via Geekologie

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