This smartphone powers a tablet or PC when you need one

Any decent smartphone can perform most of the tasks needed for everyday life, but there are times when a tablet's bigger screen or the physical keyboard of a PC would be really useful. Instead of getting separate devices to do all these jobs, the NexPhone is designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, that adapts to the task at hand.

The NexPhone's designers figured that the processing power of a smartphone has advanced to where it can cover all of your needs, so all you'd need is a bigger screen and keyboard to get that extra functionality. The design includes several options, from a simple dock that you can use with your own peripherals, to laptops, desktops and tablets with a built-in dock for the NexPhone.

By combining all of your computing needs into just one device, you no longer have to sync devices or rely on a cloud service for access to your files. They're always there inside the NexPhone no matter how you have it configured. The NexPhone itself is an Android device that runs Ubuntu, but details about its processor or memory aren't clear.

The designers of the NexPhone are raising money to build it on Indiegogo, which is a crowd-funding site a lot like Kickstarter. So far they're still a long way off from their goal of $950,000, so give them a little love if you like this concept.

Check out the gallery and video to learn a little more about the NexPhone.

Nex, via TreeHugger

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