An 800 hp Porsche supercar that gets 78 mpg? Yes, please!

The competition to build the most awesome supercar has been getting really hot lately. Now Porsche has decided to join the fray with the replacement for its own Carrera GT. While the performance is shattering, the real news is that the 918 Spyder sips gas in a way that will embarrass your eco-friendly neighbor's Prius.

The 918 Spyder was first shown in prototype form a couple of years ago, but now someone has sneaked out some brochure shots of the final production version for us to drool over. Check out the gallery to see more.

The 918 may be a hybrid, but rather than having just a wimpy electric motor for pottering around town, the Porsche's twin electric motors push out 218 horses by themselves, or more than the entire power output of an Audi A6. Then, when you add in the 580 horsepower of the V-8 gas engine, you end up with something that might give even that new McLaren P1 a run for its money. Top speed is around 210-mph, and the sprint to 60 mph will take somewhere in the mid-two-second range.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, the 918 will also be Porsche's first plug-in hybrid. This means that on short drives the car can be run strictly on the electric motors, returning the equivalent of 78 mpg. So will noted environmentalist and Prius fan Ed Begley Jr. get one for his runs to the organic farmer's market? Only time will tell.

While the 918 Spyder's price and availability date have not yet been released, the fact that they already have the brochures ready suggests that it could be coming very soon.

9 Magazine, via Jalopnik

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