10 games that are a perfect fit for virtual reality

Virtual reality was never able to rise above a gimmick. While the technology is used in some pretty impressive ways, one area where it's always appeared a perfect fit but never found any real purchase is powering video game worlds that are immersive like nothing else before them.

Why? Well, that's hard to say. Maybe for as immersive as the environments were supposed to be, the graphics weren't there yet. Maybe the engines powering the games of yesteryear didn't have gameplay that was right for an on-your-face display. Or just maybe, you know, people don't really want to wear big bulky headsets while they play a game.

Well, all those hurdles look like they can be cleared with today's technology, and several companies are working on VR for gaming in a major way. Here we present our 10 picks for video games perfectly suited for this emerging, quirky tech.

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Image Credit: Nathaniel Wattenmaker/DVICE

Today's Flavor Of Virtual Reality

Don't think holodeck. At least, not yet.

Right now, there are two big players designing virtual reality headsets for the purpose of playing games. First out of the gate was Oculus with its Rift, which it funded through Kickstarter. Hot on the Rift's heels is PC gaming giant Valve Software with its mysterious and newly hinted at VR rig, revealed in a story by The New York Times.

Instead of strapping on a set and walking around the room, you'd play a game just as you would today — sitting down. You'd still be moving and aiming with a mouse and keyboard or controller, but now your vision would move independent of your aim, freeing you to look around the space before you. While games played from a first-person perspective are obviously the most natural fit for VR, we've included one that isn't. Check it all out in our list below.

Have a game you want to see converted over to VR? Let us know in the comments below.

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