10 nearly impossible concepts from Electrolux Design Competition

We love how these design competitions that Electrolux puts on have absolutely no basis in reality. Levitating washing machines? Sure, why not! Smoothie blender kinetic harvesting bouncy toys? Bring it on! This year's top 10 competition finalists don't disappoint, and we'll show you all of them in a nice big gallery of impossibility.

These 10 finalists come from an original field of 30 semi-finalists. Concepts like an armadillo-shaped ironing system and clothes washer in the form of a hula-hoop somehow didn't manage to make the cut, but we think you'll be suitably impressed with the bizarritude of the Electrolux Design Competition top 10. Check them all out below, along with captions from the concept designers themselves.

Electrolux, via Yanko

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