Wi-Fi police sniff out illegal hotspots at the Olympics

The Olympic organizers have made it pretty clear that they don't want you sucking up too much 3G bandwidth at the Olympic venues, but don't get the idea that you can sneak onto some stray Wi-Fi hotspot instead.

To stop spectators from setting up their own rogue hotspots, the organizers are sending around guys with big silly antennas designed to sniff out the illegal access points.

Of course any portable hotspot would likely be getting its Internet connection via 3G anyway, so this effort is just another part of their effort to cut down on bandwidth crowding.

Perhaps it would have made more sense if the organizers had recognized that people actually do rely on their Internet connections these days, and plumbed in enough Wi-Fi and 3G service to blanket every venue with plenty of room for everyone.

Reddit, via Gizmodo

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