Voice-enabled ring serves as the ultimate visual assistant

For the visually impaired and sighted alike, wearable technology offers a myriad of new advantages, but a new device called the EyeRing could point the way, literally, toward an entirely new era for mobile computing.

Developed by researchers at MIT, the creators of the EyeRing refer to it as a kind of visual assistant. The user issues verbal commands to the device and gets audio feedback through earphones. Switching between modes (currency identification mode, color detection mode, etc.) is accomplished using a button mounted on the side of the ring. The developers have also managed to get the ring working on with an Android smartphone and are working on an iPhone port as well.

At present the device is considered an experimental product, but the team hopes to bring it to the commercial market for under $100 in the near future. You can see the EyeRing in action in the video below.

via TechnologyReview

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