Smartype keyboard gets jealous, includes its own screen

There are two types of typists out there: the folks who look at their screen when they type and the others who don't. A new keyboard with a built-in screen that displays what's being typed as a visual aid could bring the hunt-and-peck crowd up to speed, but it does more than that, too.

The Smartype keyboard features a small "ticker tape" style screen at the top of the keyboard, showing you what you've typed as you go along. If you're learning to type or someone who needs to look at your hands on the keyboard as you go, you won't have to keep checking to see if you've made a mistake. You'll be able to quickly glance at the Smartype screen rather than having to constantly look up at your monitor and back down at your keys.

KeyView, the company behind the keyboard, claims this accomplishes a few things. It should help make beginners and slower typists more efficient, as well as raise their confidence as they can begin to type with simple visual feedback. It could also helps users prevent neck strain from having to constantly look up and down, which is apparently a thing.

The screen also has the capability to display a user's emails, apps or feeds, such as Facebook or Twitter. This functionality is obviously for the experienced touch typists who may want to get an update on their accounts without having to switch to another tab on screen. Then again, that's kind of what that big monitor in front of you is for.

The keyboard is already in use in Israel with the makers promising an international launch soon. The Smartype website is up and running and promises that information on online ordering and pricing is forthcoming.

Smartype, via The Verge, Digital Trends

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