Watch Curiosity land on Mars's red soil in high definition images

Missed the Curiosity landing the first time around because you were busy watching the Olympics or something? That's okay because Spaceflight101 cobbled together this high def video of Curiosity's descent from some high-res images and, man, is it quite a sight.

While the footage is basically a batch of photo stitched together and thus, isn't buttery smooth, it's crisp enough to give you the same vision that Curiosity had of Mars on the way down.

Believe it or not, outside of our geeky corner of the Internet, there are people who apparently don't care we've got a 'bot on Mars that's capable of shooting lasers at rocks.

From Spaceflight 101's Patrick Blau :

"This video shows the final descent of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Descent Vehicle from Heat Shield Jettison through Touchdown as captured by the Mars Descent Imager that was provided by Malin Space Science Systems. Raw, unprocessed images were used for this video. Spacecraft UTC: Start: 5:15:21 - End: 5:18:11 -- 666 Frames. The video is playing at 4 frames per second, actual average rate of the MARDI Images is about 3.95 fps."

Space geeks: enjoy! Don't forget to crank that quality up to 1080p!

Spaceflight 101, via Engadget

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