Video: Super Mario Bros. demake boasts Atari 2600 graphics

Next-gen graphics? Pleaaase. That old-school style is making a comeback and demakes are apparently all the rage. Atari Age forum member Sprybug spent his free time demaking Super Mario Bros. as an actual Atari 2600 game. Here's what the plumber's first game would have looked like if the NES didn't exist.

If you thought Super Mario Bros. looked bad on the NES, wait until you see what it would have looked like on the Atari 2600. In its current demo form, the graphics are fairly decent for an Atari 2600 game, although Sprybug admits there are some problems with collision detection.

So far, Sprybug's Super Mario Bros. demake has 16 levels (World 1-1 to 4-4) stuffed into a compact 32k file.

See for yourself what the game looks like in the video below. To give it a try yourself, you can download and the demo here, but first, make sure you have a Harmony Cartridge, as it's not a game you can play on your PC.

Atari Age, via GameInformer

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