Video: Hilariously fake iPhone 5 has everything you really want

The iPhone 5 is only weeks away. (BFD, right?) Slimmer, faster, with a larger screen, Apple's iPhone 5 is going to sell millions. But that's not what you really need. What you really need from your iPhone is something that'll do your food photos justice. You need this special iPhone 5.

What's better than Apple's upcoming iPhone 5? An iPhone 5 with a high-resolution display, a 50mm macro lens, the ability to shoot photos with ISO as high as 6400, and a smarter Siri. How smart a Siri? Smart enough to recommend captions for all of the annoying foodie pics you absolutely have to take.

What? That looks just like a DSLR with an Apple logo on it? Nonsense!

According to "Apple" research: "People only use iPhones to take photos of their food. They're sad and alone so they use pictures of food to create the illusion of a fulfilling life."

This video would be so stupid if it wasn't so damn true. I'm not going to lie, I'm guilty of Instagramming way too many stupid photos of my food.

But really, if you didn't laugh at all while watching this video, it's time to stop taking pictures of your food. Maybe try eating it?

Via YouTube

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