Video: Yo-yoing in space is like playing in slow motion for real

From playing vacuum didgeridoo to building Lego ISS replicas to taking incredible photos, astronauts onboard the ISS can't really complain about being bored. By far, the best activity in zero gravity yet is yo-yoing, and it's oddly mind-blowing to watch.

Astronaut Don Pettit has quite the knack for doing cool things on the ISS. One of his favorite hobbies is doing yo-yo tricks. As you would expect, yo-yoing in space is not like yo-yoing on Earth. It's better in space.

Yo-yoing in space is a bajillion times more fun than on Earth because everything is slows down like crazy. You can actually see each part of a trick — it's just like watching a high-speed slow-motion video unfold in real time. We can't think of a better place to become a yo-yoing Padawan than in space.

Watch as Pettit does a few of his own custom tricks, such as "Shooting the Planets" and "Asteroid," without any resistance from gravity.

You think you know yo-yoing? You haven't yo-yoed until you've yo-yoed in space, yo.


(Thanks Chris!)

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