Video: Pranksters punk onlookers by dropping 'new' iMacs

Do you know what would hurt more than subjecting a new iPad to a rifle and shotgun? If you tripped and fell while carrying two shiny iMacs. AwesomenessTV decided to punk unsuspecting pedestrians into thinking their guys were clumsy enough to drop and shatter some fake "new" Macs.

The guys you see in the video below aren't dropping any real iMacs. They're just iMac boxes with lots of shattered glass and plastic inside. To the average passerby, they've got no idea what's going on when AwesomeTV's guys put on their klutzy act.

Watch as these guys "accidentally" drop their iMacs in the middle of streets, toss them into car trunks and miss, let them slip down escalators and more. It's hilarious until you realize that a real shattered iMac wouldn't sound like lightbulb shards. A genuine iMac has enough styrofoam padding around it to take a small tumble. (We don't suggest you try it to find out how well Apple's packaging is.)

Either way, the shock impact from these victims' reactions is just priceless. GeeksAreSexy does ask a good question: would anybody care or react the same if the box said Dell on it instead?

YouTube, via GeeksAreSexy

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