U Disk concept daisy-chains stray USB drives for mass storage

Like floppy disks and CDs before it, everybody has a mound of flash drives lying around the home. Wouldn't it be great if you could connect all of those low-capacity drives to create one mega large-capacity one? The Uniting U Disk concept is that future.

Chinese designer Shiyu Xia has the right idea with the Uniting U Disk (UUD). Each UUD can be daisy-chained to another one. Got ten 1GB UUD USBs? Link 'em up and now you got yourself a 10GB flash drive.

Xia's design also lets you designate each connected USB as its own individual folder. An indicator light shines red when its full and blue when it's not.

It's an ingenious little idea that's currently in the running for the International Forum Design concept design award 2012. Somebody needs to Kickstart this!

iF Design Talents, via YankoDesign

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