Ultrabooks could wirelessly charge up your smartphone in 2013

Ahead of its time, the Palm Pre proved in 2009 that wireless charging could be awesome. With a special case, many of today's smartphones can be charged wirelessly, but Intel might have a better solution: wireless charging via an Ultrabook.

According to DigiTimes, Intel might start pushing a self-developed wireless charging technology into its Ultrabooks and smartphones:

Intel's wireless charging solution uses an ultrabook as the power source paired with related software and a transmitter to wirelessly charge a smartphone. According to Intel's data, the solution will feature lower power consumption and does not require the phone to be put in a very specific position.

While I'm jumping for joy over the idea of being able to charge my phone wirelessly through an Ultrabook, the reality appears pretty grim.

For starters, in order for such a match to ever work the smartphone would probably have to have Intel architecture. As it stands, Intel has only one smartphone — the San Diego. That's not a vote of confidence for PC makers that also make smartphones with ARM processors (i.e. Lenovo and Asus).

Secondly, the very reason wireless charging hasn't become a built-in phone standard is cost. DigiTimes wrote in the same report that Japan's NTT Docomo, Sharp and Samsung are all working on wireless charging technology, but high prices have kept them from making much headway.

If the rumor is true, then Intel will show off its Ultrabook/smartphone wireless charging tech in select notebooks in the second half of 2013. If they're wrong, well, you can still buy a Powermat or any compatible induction-based wireless charging kit to accommodate your needs.

Via DigiTimes

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