Trebuchet Toaster wins breakfast and possibly all meals

Forget about those alarm clocks designed to ensure you get out of bed. If you had the Trebuchet Toaster waiting for you in the kitchen we're pretty sure you'll be up and racing to the kitchen with no problems. Why? Because this concept toaster friggin' launches your toast to your plate and we're pretty sure you're going to want to make time for that spectacle.

The idea behind the Trebuchet Toaster is that via a few settings you can tinker with the angle and force needed for the toast to reach its destination, and off it flies when perfectly golden. Breakfast is officially no longer boring when you get to incorporate a little science (and mayhem) into our breakfasts — after all science is about experimentation and you'll need a few test runs to get the settings just right.

The toaster is a working concept from product and interaction designer Ivo Vos. It is part of his "Brunch" series conceived a few years ago, intended to skewer the mundane rituals of breakfast with products that invite the user to test and measure and well, let's face it — play with their food and utensils.

There's no word on whether Vos' Trebuchet Toaster has made it to production yet, and if so what the price is. Frankly, we're not sure you can even put a price on awesome for breakfast and even if it is just the one prototype for now just knowing it exists is enough to wake us up a bit.

Ivo Vos, via Incredible Things

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