To infinity and beyond!

I didn't expect the fun to end so soon, but this is it for me ladies and gents. After two years of what can only be described as an insane, awesome, spectacular, incredible, crazy dream of a journey, I'm hanging up my DVICE cape.

For me, DVICE will always have a special place in my heart. Not only because we strive to tickle your brains with geekier tech stories, but because the people behind them are such a relaxed and cool bunch. I couldn't have survived two years without such a great team. I won't name them here — they know who they are — but take a look at the masthead on the right side of the site if you've never noticed. These are the guys and gals behind your content. Know their names!

On a more formal note, I want to give thanks to former editor Pete Pachal for taking a risk by hiring me back when I was a total newbie and giving me a chance to jostle with the best in the world.

And lastly, I owe virtually everything there is to know about the tech biz to my mentor, good friend and DVICE's amazing editor, Kevin Hall. Here's a guy who put up with my amateur mistakes, turned my misfires into gold and just pushed me to be more than I ever thought I could be. If the shuttle program was still around, I'd put this guy on one of them spaceships and blast him into space (FYI, he's a huge space geek). Thanks for everything pal!

Although I'm hitting the eject button, I'm doing so knowing that DVICE is in excellent hands. Kevin's redesign plans will take DVICE to new heights and I am super excited to see it all come together. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but I snuck into his office and took a peek at the development plans and even in its early form, it's just, WOW. You're going to want to stick around!

So where am I off to? I'm headed to the Boy Genius Report (maybe you've heard of them!) to try my hand at some new things. In the meantime, you guys can follow me on Twitter at @raywongy to keep up, errr, find out what I'm having for lunch every day, or if you want a more visual view into my geeky life, then you can find me on Pinterest or on Instagram under "sourlemons."

To the readers, thanks for all your support and comments. I'll see you all on the Interwebs!

Editor's Note: It has been my pleasure to work side-by-side with Ray in New York City's busy tech press scene (and beyond), and to my astonishment he's just as excited today about gadgets and gizmos as the day he started — especially when it comes to cameras. In fact, Ray's darn handy with a camera himself, and he's one of the reasons our article images look so good. He's a passionate, tireless worker, and we're sad to see him leave but excited to see where he goes as he brings his thoughtful reporting to BGR. To Raymond, on behalf of all the DVICE writers, it's been a pleasure working with you.

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